Become healthy

Positive action with Wellness Token Economy can make you healthy. The aim is to build a society and economy where all people, regardless of age, gender, nationality, language, religion or government, can participate equally in health activities.

Receive rewards

With Wellness Token Economy, rewards can be received by participating in and achieving activities to become healthy. We will build a system whereby all participants can be fairly rewarded for their efforts.

Use for yourself

Wellness Token Economy can be used for services and products to become healthier than you are at present. It will become possible to make meaningful use of Wellness Tokens by learning about oneself through healthy activities.

Use for others

Wellness Token Economy can be used to give health as a present to people who are close to you and struggling with their health. It will become possible to use Wellness Tokens with consideration for others by learning about their health activities.

Proof of health

With Wellness Token Economy, health is proven by continuously building up a Wellness Token transaction record. We are confident that connecting proof of health to the resolution of issues in terms of social structure will be in the national interests of countries around the world.

Visualize health(blockchain)

By participating in Wellness Token Economy health activities, health aspects that were previously difficult to see can now be visualized. It is possible to prove to anyone that you are healthy without needing a reliable third party.

Exchange health for tokens(cryptocurrency)

By exchanging visualized health for tokens, it will be possible to exchange these for various services and products. This will also produce liquidity, with healthy people able to give tokens as presents to those who are not so healthy.

How to receive Wellness Tokens (WELL)


A bounty is a form of requesting an exchange of Wellness Tokens by participating in healthy activities, etc. People of all ages and genders can receive suitable rewards by participating in Bounty. Bounty will start from February 2020.

  • Wellness tokens can be received
    by participating in Bounty

    With Bounty playing a central role, Wellness Tokens are freely exchanged among participants. The main form this takes is receiving rewards for participation and achievements in health activities, but Bounty also has other diverse roles ranging from advertisements from health companies to aid and donations for people or organizations facing difficulties and recruitment of event participants, etc.

  • Become healthy by participating
    in various activities through Bounty

    By participating in Bounty, which is built with to help people to become healthy, you can become healthy while receiving rewards in the form of Wellness Tokens. A bounty can be built by anyone, so you can also participate in Wellness Token Economy as a producer of original Bounty.

  • Fair assessment by visualization
    of Bounty participation record

    Since anyone can see your record of participation in health activities, these activities are assessed fairly. By participating in Bounty, reputation and confidence in the future will be built in individuals, producing a better individual-focused society and economy that has never existed before.

What you can do with Wellness Tokens (WELL)

Wellness Token

When you are healthy, you can receive Wellness Tokens and live healthily and economically. From May 2020, we will offer services and products where Wellness Tokens can be used for a great value.

  • Using Wellness Tokens

    Wellness Tokens received as rewards for participating in Bounty can be used for micro blood examinations as well as products and services provided by health companies to become even healthier. There will also be products and services available only by using Wellness Tokens.

  • Prove with Wellness Tokens

    Being one of the healthier participants in Wellness Token Economy is proven by your record of participation in Bounty, which facilitates invitations to events that are normally closed and can be used for preferential receipt of better-quality services and products. It is possible to live in a very economical way by proving your health with Wellness Tokens.

  • Support with Wellness Tokens

    When healthy people give Wellness Tokens (tokenized health) to people who are not so healthy, it is a though they are giving health itself as a present. The recipients of Wellness Tokens will be assisted to become healthy in a visible manner. It is also possible to become healthy by using services and products with Wellness Tokens.

Lives helped by data provision

Wellness Pool

Participants can opt to provide to third parties the health activity data, examination data and personal information generated through participation in Wellness Token Economy. Data providers will always receive Wellness Tokens as rewards for the use of their data. Data users develop new services and products using these health data for the good of humankind. This will contribute to human society by giving meaning to life, in that by becoming healthy yourself you can help others.